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Thermometer Operating Instructions

Before First Use:

Remove the thermometer from its travel case, slide open the back of the thermometer and fit the batteries, being careful to check they are the right way round.

Leave the thermometer for about 15 minutes to acclimatise to the room temperature. It must know room temperature to calculate body temp.

In Future:

If you move the device to warmer or cooler location, particularly if it has been outdoors, such as in a car, allow the unit to acclimatise for 15 minutes before use, with storage box open.

Set Mode and Units:

Press the Scan button to switch on. The display may show “- - -” or “Lo”. Either is OK.

Press the Mode button and step through 3 modes: Body, Surface, Room. Instructions for Surface and Room are below.

Press C/F button to set your preferred temperature units: Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Surface Temp Mode:

Do NOT allow contact with any liquid. This is a non-contact unit.

Measure bath water from 3 to 5cm above water surface. If the water is very hot, steam may condense on the lens and misread.

Measure milk either 3 to 5cm above surface in open bottle, or allow bottle to warm up to match milk temperature, then measure the outside of the bottle from 3 to 5cm away.

Room Mode:

Measure ambient temperature by pointing the sensor into the air, away from walls, heaters, lamps or draughts.

Click and release the Scan button to read air temperature.

If moved from a much different temperature, allow 15 minutes for the thermometer to acclimatise.

Measuring Body Temperature:

Ensure the patient’s forehead is not covered by hair, clothing or sweat.

Avoid draughts from air conditioning, windows, or fans.

Set Body mode. This is the default mode.

Hold the sensor-end of the device between 1.2” and 2” (3 - 5cm) from the forehead, and pointed squarely at it. See illustration below.

Press and release the Scan button and continue to hold the device in position.

After a second or two, the device will beep quietly, to indicate a reading completed. Once you are familiar with this short pause, use the small switch on the side of the unit to turn off the beep, if you prefer silent operation.

The body temperature is displayed on the screen, which will be colored Green, Yellow, or Red to indicate Normal, slightly Elevated, or Fever state.

If you want to take more readings, wait 15 seconds to reset between each.

The device stores up to 32 readings, which you recall by pressing the Mem button.

The thermometer switches off automatically after 30 seconds, to save battery power.

Further instructions on how to get maximum benefit from this versatile device are in the User Guide. Please take a few minutes to read it.

Thermometer use

If you have any questions or concerns when you try out the thermometer, please get in touch via email to

We are 100% dedicated to your satisfaction so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What you said about us

Five Stars

Very good product, measures temperature within a second.

By A Brdak on 26 July 2016 Surrey

Amazing item. 3 modes

Amazing item. 3 modes: Body, Room, Surface. Very useful, very easy to use, very accurate, big numbers, backlight, buzzer with on/off mode. In one word: very happy for buying this non-contact thermometer. Thank You for the fast shipment!

By Amazon Customer on 25 July 2016

Easy thermometer

Best thermometer ever used - because you can take a temperature without even waking/disturbing your little ones (in my case grandchildren).

Would happily recommend this product. Does a good job at giving a reading on bath water temperature too !

By BAS on 13 July 2016


Amazing. I would normally have to wait 30 secs or more for a contact thermometer but this gives an instant reading

By Edward Gorman on 23 July 2016 Renfrewshire

Excellent service!

Super fast delivery, great product and such a lovely seller, who made it very special for this first time mum to be with her delivery email and follow up message. Would highly recommend!

By Geraldine Mc Caul on 17 July 2016

Essential for new parents.

Extremely happy with this product. I use it with my newborn everyday, some may say that's excessive but if you had our history trying to conceive you would be too.

I bought this one night when my daughter was having trouble settling, it was 2 in the morning and my wife decided to check her temp with a conventional under arm or tongue thermometer, the reading was hypothermic. I found out the thermometer wasn't placed under the tongue so I check twice with readings under the armpit, once i was happy she was completely normal temp I jumped on amazon and bought ooneof these as the nurses at the hospital were using ones similar.
Next day delivery and peace of mind for many months to come.

By madhandle645 on 18 July 2016


Multi purpose and accurate and straightforward

By Micheal_14 on 23 July 2016

 Awesome thermometer to keep in your baby's room to check ...

Awesome thermometer to keep in your baby's room to check everything is in the correct temperature range. I'm glad it's all in one and I can check body, room and surface temp.

By Mimion 19 July 2016

Best thermometer. You don't have to bother the child in order to use it. Much better than an in ear thermometer

By S. Jenkins on 13 July 2016

Five Stars

Extremely reliable and easy to use thermometer - no complaints at all

By Shahbaz on Mon 5 August 2016

So impressed by how easy it is to take temperature with the Nanny's Choice Forehead Thermometer and not disturb my grandson while he�۪s sleeping. We had instant, accurate results on the baby, and also when we tried it on each other, so it�۪s good for adults too. There�۪s no risk of passing on any bugs to the baby, as this thermometer does not touch the skin at all.

Catherine R

I have an ear thermometer, which is really hard to get an accurate reading. I have to really push it in my daughters ear. At 2.30am I was sitting up with my sick child, having to upset her every 10 mins so I could monitor her temperature. I logged on to Amazon and bought this thermometer and selected evening delivery which was so handy for me seeing as it's Christmas Eve! The thermometer is amazing I don't even have to touch her with it. If I feel the reading is not accurate I can take it again without upsetting and it is so easy to use. I wish I bought this first rather than wasting money on the three I bought

Miss L Cooper

This is dead on accurate. I tested it right out of the box and the reading came back 98.6, which is my normal temperature on a mercury thermometer. That sold me immediately.

If your reading is High, that will register and the green color on the LED screen will turn red.

Steve Charme