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Nanny 's Choice nutzt 35 Jahre professionelle Erfahrung in der Kinderbetreuung, die richtigen Produkte aus der ganzen Welt auszuwählen, um Ihnen zu helfen kluge, glückliche, gesunde Kinder aufzuziehen.

Die Temperaturüberwachung Ihres Kindes ist wichtig, um Krankheiten korrekt zu managen.

Sie wissen, dass herkömmliche Quecksilberthermometer eine ernsthafte Bedrohung für Kinder und die Umwelt darstellen wenn sie brechen, weil Quecksilber ein gefährliches Gift ist.

Moderne digitale Thermometer beseitigen diese Gefahren, aber welches wählen Sie? Einige Modelle können von den traditionellen Stellen messen: unter der Zunge, der Achselhöhle oder dem Rektum. Viele Kinder weigern sich zu kooperieren, oder sind beunruhigt durch diese, vor allem wenn sie sich unwohl fühlen.

Ohrthermometer sind nicht geeignet für die empfindlichen Gewebe von Babys unter 6 Monaten.

Unsere State-of-the-art Infrarot-Thermometer erfordern keinen Kontakt mit dem Körper um genaue Messungen vorzunehmen. Sie können ohne das Risiko des Erwachens ein schlafendes Kind ein oder zwei Zoll von der Stirn entfernt messen, ohne Risiko von Kreuzinfektionen.

Ihr Kleinkind ist Gefahr ausgesetzt

Kleine Kinder sind neugierig, verspielt und unwissend bei Gefahren. Sobald sie anfangen zu krabbeln und sicherlich wenn sie unsicher gehen, kann jede harte Kante oder Möbelecke böse Verletzungen verursachen. Unsere Kantenschutzwinkel schützen junge Köpfe.

Schränke und Schubladen, insbesondere in Küche und Bad, sind ein ständiger Anziehungspunkt für Ihr Kind. Nicht alles kann aus ihrer Reichweite entfernt aufbewahrt werden, so dass unsere Sicherheitsvorrichtungen sie vor Kontakt der

Besorgnis erregenden Art schützen. Wir mischen uns ein, während wir den Zugang für Sie erleichtern.

Gute Belüftung erfordert oft offene Fenster, aber für junge Bergsteiger können sie tödlich sein, vor allem im Obergeschoss. Unsere speziell entwickelten Fensterfänge bieten freien Luftdurchgang, aber halten Kinder sicher entfernt.

Empfängnis, Schwangerschaft und Still Eating4Two ™ pränatale Vitamine können helfen.

Schwangerschaft stellt besondere Anforderungen an Ihre Ernährung und Gesundheit. Es ist wichtig, dass Sie die richtige Balance an Vitaminen und Mineralstoffen für die Entwicklung des Babys und Ihre eigene Vitalität bereitstellen, um die einzigartigen Veränderungen in Ihrem Körper zu bewältigen.

Nanny 's Choice bieten mit unserer einzigartige Marke Eating4Two ™ die wesentlichen Nährstoffe für jede Phase des Reproduktionsprozesses. Unsere Erfahrung mit einer breiten Palette neuer und angehender Mütter hilft Ihnen die beste Wahl zu treffen

Kreative Spielzeuge und Freizeitbeschäftigungen entwickeln glückliche Geister.

Jedes Nanny 's Choice Spielzeug oder Aktivitätsmaterial entspricht den strengen nationalen Standards für Konstruktion, Materialien und Inhalte.

Erfahrung hat uns eine wertvolle Perspektive für Beschäftigungen gelehrt, die positive Entwicklung und zur Teilnahmebereitschaft motivieren. Ihr Kind braucht die richtige Stimulation um zu lernen, zu experimentieren und sich auch mit Erwachsenen und anderen Kindern zu interagieren.

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Five Stars

Very good product, measures temperature within a second.

By A Brdak on 26 July 2016 Surrey

Amazing item. 3 modes

Amazing item. 3 modes: Body, Room, Surface. Very useful, very easy to use, very accurate, big numbers, backlight, buzzer with on/off mode. In one word: very happy for buying this non-contact thermometer. Thank You for the fast shipment!

By Amazon Customer on 25 July 2016

Fantastic product

Absolutely fantastic product! My partner is utterly obsessed with checking our babies temp and uses it constantly! It's given him massive peace of mind! Well worth it's money

By Amazon Customer on 9 August 2016

Easy thermometer

Best thermometer ever used - because you can take a temperature without even waking/disturbing your little ones (in my case grandchildren).

Would happily recommend this product. Does a good job at giving a reading on bath water temperature too !

By BAS on 13 July 2016


Amazing. I would normally have to wait 30 secs or more for a contact thermometer but this gives an instant reading

By Edward Gorman on 23 July 2016 Renfrewshire

Excellent service!

Super fast delivery, great product and such a lovely seller, who made it very special for this first time mum to be with her delivery email and follow up message. Would highly recommend!

By Geraldine Mc Caul on 17 July 2016

Essential for new parents.

Extremely happy with this product. I use it with my newborn everyday, some may say that's excessive but if you had our history trying to conceive you would be too.

I bought this one night when my daughter was having trouble settling, it was 2 in the morning and my wife decided to check her temp with a conventional under arm or tongue thermometer, the reading was hypothermic. I found out the thermometer wasn't placed under the tongue so I check twice with readings under the armpit, once i was happy she was completely normal temp I jumped on amazon and bought ooneof these as the nurses at the hospital were using ones similar.
Next day delivery and peace of mind for many months to come.

By madhandle645 on 18 July 2016


Multi purpose and accurate and straightforward

By Micheal_14 on 23 July 2016

 Awesome thermometer to keep in your baby's room to check ...

Awesome thermometer to keep in your baby's room to check everything is in the correct temperature range. I'm glad it's all in one and I can check body, room and surface temp.

By Mimion 19 July 2016

Best thermometer. You don't have to bother the child in order to use it. Much better than an in ear thermometer

By S. Jenkins on 13 July 2016

So quick and easy to use

This thermometer is so handy, it's so hard trying to keep a newborn still to take a temperature normally however this machine makes the job so easy to do. I've used it on body, room and surface mode and I'm very impressed.

By Sarah Gilby on 31 July 2016

Five Stars

Extremely reliable and easy to use thermometer - no complaints at all

By Shahbaz on Mon 5 August 2016

Your customer service Bernadette, has been absolutely superb, and I would definitely recommend your company to friends and family. Thank you.

Kindest regards.

C Strain - Milton Keynes

So impressed by how easy it is to take temperature with the Nanny's Choice Forehead Thermometer and not disturb my grandson while he�۪s sleeping. We had instant, accurate results on the baby, and also when we tried it on each other, so it�۪s good for adults too. There�۪s no risk of passing on any bugs to the baby, as this thermometer does not touch the skin at all.

Catherine R

Seller automatically contacted me when I bought item to make me aware of who I could speak to regarding any queries about the product. Nice personal touch.

Doctors' Surgery, Romford Essex

A brilliant product, great for checking the temperature of my son whilst he is sleeping. The company offer great customer service and the thermometer arrived very promptly.

H. Cook East Sussex

Quick dispatch, received additional communication from seller, would highly recommend

I Fotheringham, Lothian

Excellent service could not wish for better.

J Beech - West Glamorgan

Glad I paid a bit more - the reviews are spot on, top-class product from a seller that really knows what they're doing.

K Withers - Oxfordshire

This company is very professional in the way they handle customer care, there was a slight misunderstanding collecting but nanny's choice solved it in seconds. I bought two of this product and they are worth every penny, a must have for little ones, so easy to use and no cross infection, well pleased, thank you Nanny's Choice also for your email after receiving my product.

L Coulthard - Liverpool

Great thermometer and excellent service

M Romano Belfast

I have an ear thermometer, which is really hard to get an accurate reading. I have to really push it in my daughters ear. At 2.30am I was sitting up with my sick child, having to upset her every 10 mins so I could monitor her temperature. I logged on to Amazon and bought this thermometer and selected evening delivery which was so handy for me seeing as it's Christmas Eve! The thermometer is amazing I don't even have to touch her with it. If I feel the reading is not accurate I can take it again without upsetting and it is so easy to use. I wish I bought this first rather than wasting money on the three I bought

Miss L Cooper

Wonderful product. Very impressed and the email sent by the creator was very welcome. Will definitely recommend this product to friends and family.

N Sabin - Derbyshire

Item arrived promptly, very well packaged. Works brilliantly. Very impressed. Thank you

S Martin, Warwickshire

This is dead on accurate. I tested it right out of the box and the reading came back 98.6, which is my normal temperature on a mercury thermometer. That sold me immediately.

If your reading is High, that will register and the green color on the LED screen will turn red.

Steve Charme